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SWANA is the leading source of solid waste training throughout North America for facility policy-makers, managers, owners and operators, and industry consultants. Certification programs, including the Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO) Training Course, are available online. Becoming SWANA-certified makes you more marketable; helps you stand out among your peers; and heightens your value to your employer, clients, and customers. A full list of courses being offered are below.

Since the pandemic, SWANA has extended certification expiration dates on thousands of certifications, expanded online education options, offered discounts on online education, and now we bring you a special summer deal. Through September 30, purchase a SWANA eCourse and related Certification Exam at the same time and save $100. Enter “Summer100” at checkout to activate the discount.

Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO) eCourse + Certification Exam Bundle

Get ready to master the skills that landfill professionals must have to run modern landfills. Gain the technical and administrative skills you need to make decisions that exceed the needs of your community, regulators and team. Train with the tools and information needed to achieve a well-run, properly equipped operation as a first-class manager, leader, and problem solver.

Managing Municipal Solid Waste Collection Systems eCourse + Certification Exam Bundle

Tackle the challenges of solid waste collection. This course equips collection system professionals with tools for designing and delivering services that work for your community and customers. Learn how to develop a plan that accounts for local and regional factors, specific customer types, financial circumstances, and a schedule implementation.

Managing Composting Programs eCourse + Certification Exam Bundle

Learn how composting can fit into your solid waste management strategy and how to site and equip a basic composting facility. Dive deep into the principles and practices for managing municipal composting programs. Gain a non-technical understanding of the economics of composting and the latest technologies for managing multiple materials.

Managing Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems eCourse & Certification Exam Bundle

Get ready to master the varied planning, operational and administrative skills demanded of an effective ISWM system manager. Examine system components individually and how they work together to treat, process and dispose of multiple collected materials – from landfilling to recycling to waste conversion.

Managing Recycling Systems eCourse + Certification Exam Bundle

Learn how to successfully plan, develop, market, and manage your recycling programs, including collection, processing, application of end-use standards, and protection of human health and the environment. This course focuses on recycling materials found in municipal solid waste generated from residential, commercial and institutional sources. It does not include hazardous wastes, household hazardous wastes or special wastes.

Transfer Station Management eCourse + Certification Exam Bundle

Are you prepared to respond with confidence and credibility if things go wrong in your transfer station? This course examines the core components of transfer stations – planning, design, operations and management – and trains you to make sound, justifiable decisions during challenging times.

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